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    How To Buy Product ?

    Q.What Is Nehru Place IT Hub?

    Nehru Place IT Hub is essentially a neutral trading platform (e-marketplace) of computer hardware dealers of  Nehru Place, New Delhi, INDIA. Nehru Place also has the distinction of being the biggest computer market in Asia. It also provides a very rich source of information on computer hardware to all the users of computers. Whether you are a Corporate, an S M E, an Educational Institute, an Institutional Buyer, a Cyber Café Owner or simply a home user, our purpose is to make you  inform about the computer products. 

    The latest Product prices on Nehru Place IT Hub is updated by dealers through an Intranet interface. Please see the FAQ below for customer information. 


    Customer Queries: 

    Q. How do I buy or learn more about a product I am interested in ?

    To buy an item that interests you, or to get more information about it,  please click on the Product Name or Dealer's name. That link will take you to a product inquiry form that you can  use to send a message to the dealer. If you give your Phone No. then dealers can call you themselves. 


    Q. I Sent a Query to dealer, but the prices offered were not to my satisfaction. What happens now ? 

     If this happens, please move on to the next dealer in the list. There are lots of good deals out there. In case of any further assistance, do write to us.


    Q. I bought an item from a dealer advertising on Nehru Place IT Hub. Who should I contact for maintenance, servicing, returns, warranty etc?
    Please contact the dealer himself for after-sales service and support. We at Nehru Place IT Hub are supply aggregators i.e. we display price and hardware information which is directly updated by the dealers themselves through their e-shop. NehruPlaceITHub.Com is not responsible for any product that is sold after obtaining information about the product directly or indirectly from NehruPlaceITHub's database. All warranties, product service inquiries should be directed to the dealer/manufacturer/reseller as the sale contract between consumer and dealer specifies. There will be no brokerage or commission and there will be one to one deal without any intervention by us.  The accuracy of the information provided is also the responsibility of the dealer who provided it and not of Nehru Place IT Hub. 

    Q. There are thousands of similar products out there. Which one do I
    We recommend that before upgrading your computer you acquire some
    knowledge about computer parts, functions and brand names and where you best prices  Simultaneously best configuration. You may also write to us for our assistance / advise.


    Q. Price quotes are generally for how many units? 

    Unless directly stated by the dealer in the description field, the price quotes
    are for single units.

    Dealers also promote some special offers for certain products or for the number of quantities, which various from product to product. The same can be seen at our "Special Offer of the Day" link in our portal.

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